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More PDFs

More Population-Environment PDFs
Here are the remainder of our population-environment PDFs, along with four more that address the dangerous and counterintuititve behaviors of J-curves and exponential mathematics.
Visit also for our collection of population-environment PowerPoints which will begin in September.

Click pdf 10 for  Nine Assumptions 
                                  That Invite Calamity
(We are gambling our futures and our planet on a
set of faulty and unjustified suppositions.  If we
and our leaders continue to rely without question 
upon these soothing but unwarranted seductions,
we invite calamity.) 

Click pdf 11 for  Problematic Aspects
                                      of Geoengineering
(Ocean fertilization as a recipe for depletion
                 of dissolved O2 in deep-sea water strata.)

Click pdf 12 for    Ecological Services
                         and Ecological Release
(Rainforests make their own rain;  Living organisms
produce the O2 that we breathe; and, among other
things, the experiment with Biosphere II.)

Click pdf 13 for   Delayed Feedbacks,
                       Overshoot, and Collapse
( Climb-and-collapse population curves; Beyond
the Limits by Meadows, Meadows, and Randers;
and the lessons of economic bubbles that burst )               

Click pdf 14 for        The Fallacy of
                      the Agricultural Maximum
(Although we imagine that food contitutes mankind's
ultimate limiting factor, this excerpt argues that our
industrial WASTES
and the physical DAMAGE that we
are already inflicting on natural systems could result
in collapse long before we exhaust supplies of food
and similar resources.)

Click pdf 15 for   Potential Demographic
                     Implications of Life-extension
Geneticists have already succeeded in extending the
life span of laboratory organisms six-fold (a six-fold
extension in humans would equal 500 years).   This
excerpt also discusses subtle weaknesses in current
demographic transition theory.


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Click here to download pdf 20

Exponential Mathematics
I, II, III, and IV
Dr. Albert Bartlett, Professor of Physics and Astrophysics Emeritus
at the University of Colorado, has called the mathematics
of the exponential function "the world's most important arithmetic."
“Nature is not always going to behave in linear fashion
because our minds think that way.” 
                                        Former CIA Director James Woolsey 
                                                               As cited by Thomas Friedman 
                                                               in Hot, Flat, and Crowded

Click pdf 16 for    Exponential
                                     Mathematics I
(How exponential progressions differ from linear
progressions; thirty days to transform one cent
into more than ten million dollars; first they lure
us into complacency, and then they hammer us)

Click pdf 17 for    Exponential
                                     Mathematics II
( If we try to use linear reasoning to understand
problems that are behaving exponentially, errors
of catastrophic magnitude are inevitable)

Click pdf 18 for  Exponential
                                   Mathematics III
(Riddles of the dinoflagellates; the counterintuitive
nature of exponential phenomena; when is the con-
tainer half-full?; and "we humans are much smarter
than a population of one-celled dinoflagellates.")
                                                                       Aren't we?   

Click pdf 19 for   Exponential
                                     Mathematics IV
                ....available shortly....

Finally, Our Closing PDF

Click pdf 20 for    Frequently Asked
(Finally, what about all the people who die in wars and
  natural disasters? Or the possiblity of colonizing other
  planets? And other frequently asked questions.) 

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