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Population - Environment PowerPoints

A resource for busy policymakers, educators, journalists, and students.
These PowerPoint presentations, which are offered courtesy of What Every Citizen Should Know About Our Planet, introduce a key assortment of demographic, biospheric, population, climate, and envionmental understandings.
For those visitors who do not have a copy of Microsoft's most recent PowerPoint viewers, free downloads are available from Microsoft's downloads page at  Once there, choose the letter "P" and scroll down to PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

 PowerPoint 1 - Key Demographics
                           and Numerics
Demographics (births, deaths, and net increase)
and the riddle of a billion homework questions
           (Hint: The answer is 38,461 years.)

 PowerPoint 2 - Climb and Collapse and 
                        the Open-space Delusion
CO2, climate, human population growth, and red-tide
dinoflagellates, including "the open-space delusion."

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GPSO 2010
These resources are posted in support of
Global Population Speak Out 2010

Copyright 2010, Randolph Femmer.
All rights reserved.